Welcome to the KoffeeShop! An online editorial haven that shares the secrets to becoming an online influencer. This site covers everything from the basics to online content creating, collaborating with brands and everything in between. With topics on social media, platform tips, networking, marketing for online creators and interviews with amazing female influencers.

Koffee with Karina is an interview series where female influencers share their lives "behind the screen," journey to success & tips they have for future creators! The purpose is to help  the everyday Girlboss (a woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life, Sophia Amorouso)learn from the best to get inspired and motivated to succeed in their journey.

You can follow weekly special-topic conversations on the interviews using the Twitter hashtag #KoffeewithKarina.

About the Founder + Editor, Karina Michelle

Hi There, Karina here!

 I received my BA in Public Relations in May 2017. While in college, I had the incredible opportunity of learning the business side of social media. I was instructed by my professors how to pitch a client to companies, write a useful tweet and how to measure social media statistics. My passion for online content creating led me to have some incredible internships. 

In 2016, I interned as a social media manager for a luxury online editorial. While attending a press conference, I met a young woman who had a podcast. My excitement caused me to ask her question after question on how she began a podcast, what tools she uses and after our conversation, I thought to myself “why doesn’t someone do this? Ask young female creators about their platforms and the journey to creating them.” It occurred to me that I should do it and two weeks later, I launched Koffee with Karina.

I decided to submerge myself in the world of influencers and in 2017, I interned at a company who specialized in influencer marketing. I learned how influencers work with brands from the business perspectives, things such as how business’ contact and hire influencers, how products are sent, how brands pay influencers and so much more. 

My experience and passion for online content creating lead me to launch Love, Karina Michelle. My purpose is to offer young GirlBoss the tools, advice and guidance she needs to succeed as an online influencer. 

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