What is #YouTubeisOverParty & how it can affect YouTube content creators?

After YouTube released its new advertising guidelines, Beyonce will not be the only person saying "Hold Up."

Best revenge may not be your paper...
If you are not familiar with how exactly YouTubers make money, here's how. There are three possible ways of doing so:
  • Advertisement
  • Advertisement
  • Advertisement
YouTubers gain money by making "brand deals" with certain companies and will get paid by mentioning/featuring a product in their video. Another way they receive money is by posting a link in order for viewers to buy a product and gain a percentage of that purchase. YouTubers will set their video to the monetize setting in order to get paid by YouTube. It is, however, unknown how much YouTubers get paid per video because they sign a contract when becoming a partner that does not allow them to speak on how much they get paid exactly. Total shutdown. 

When life gives you lemons...
... make a new advertising guideline. YouTubers will no longer be able to monetize their video if it contains any of the following guidelines: 
  • Inappropriate language
  • Violence
  • Sexually suggestive content
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events 
Meaning? Most of your favorite YouTubers might be totally screwed. These guidelines are not a form of censorship because the creator can still upload the content, they just cannot monetize on it. 

Middle fingers up...
Most YouTubers have their middle fingers up & they are yelling "BOY, BYE!" As viewers, we have to remember that this is our favorite creators' main source of income, if they get regulated they will not get paid to post videos. This will ultimately lead to the shut down of their channels.

Can I get a oh, hell no?

What can you do?
Become educated on this & see where your favorite YouTubers stand! Use your social media accounts & stick it up to the man (YouTube). 


What do YOU think about the new guidelines? Are you a content creator, how does this affect YOU?


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