Koffee with Karina & Susana AKA MissSu101 on YouTube: Being a bilingual online creator!

What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?
When Youtube first started, I was going through a hard time in my life, I felt really alone and depressed and watching videos would make me feel happy, and forget about all the bad things that we go through in middle school and high school. I felt like youtube had helped me so much, that I wanted to also create content and try to make someone feel entertained, that was literally all I wanted, to at least make one person smile and forget for a while about all the stress. And that still is my biggest motivation!

How did you decide to make videos both in English and Portuguese?
When I first started my channel, I was self-conscious, I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough or good enough to be in front of the camera, but I wanted to do it so badly, that I decided I would create a channel as a "secret". Since I’ve always loved speaking English, I decided it would be a good idea to make the whole channel in English and that would make it hard for my Portuguese friends and family to find it. But jokes on me, my channel was found by a lot of people on the island I live and soon a lot of people knew about it and the reaction was way more positive than I was expecting, most people were so nice to me, and asked me to make some videos in Portuguese, so I decided to start making 2 versions of the videos I was making (a Portuguese one and an English one), and on the videos I wouldn’t do that I would always put subtitles, it was a way to make both sides happy!

What does the filming and editing process look like when creating a video in two languages?
It's harder and takes 2x more time than making just one video, usually I try to edit the two of them at the same time, to make sure they look the same and tell the same story, but yeah, it’s hard, and sometimes even confusing, still I have lots of fun doing it. 

Why did you decide to make the videos for one channel instead of making separate channels for them?
I thought about that for a while, but I felt like my channel was my baby, I’ve put so much time into it, and so much work and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do the same for another channel, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to post often and also I had a lot of viewers that were bilingual too!

How do you decide which videos you will make in which language?
I usually just try to be very logical and to the point, I try to make 2 versions of every video, but if I already know that, that will not be possible I just try to ask myself who will be more interest in the video, Portuguese people or foreign people. 

What advice do you have for young women who make bilingual who want to make videos on YouTube?
It's a bit harder than having a one language channel, but it is a fun challenge, and that's what matters if it's fun for you, go ahead! In Portuguese, we say “Quem corre por gosto, não cansa” it means, when you do something because you love you will never get tired of it!

Favorite camera to film with: Canon 700D
Favorite video editing software: Sony Vegas pro 14
Favorite social media platform: Instagram
Favorite type of lighting when recording your videos: Natural
Favorite video you have made: " HOW TO SPEAK PORTUGUESE-AZORIAN! ... and trolling."

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