Koffee with Karina & Colorful Disaster: How to collaborate with brands and be your own publicist!

We are two sisters, Frances & Scheila Machuca, born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. We both work in the advertising industry, which we believe has been very beneficial to working on the blog and understanding this world of social networks and technology. We have been blogging for three and a half years, it is our baby and our best example of how working hard and doing what you love can take you far. 

What inspired you to start a blog?
So many people and friends constantly asked us about issues related to beauty, makeup, how do I apply foundation? What do I use to take care of my skin? What do I wear with this skirt? There were so many questions that one day we decided to do something to help people like our friends, they maybe had those same doubts or concerns. We both like to write and that is why, out of the many things we could have done, we decided to create a blog. Our space, our world, where we could share anything, regarding any subject and help people on the other side of the screen, that’s what fills us the most, the ability to help.

How did you come up with the name "Colorful Disaster?"
This is the question we get asked the most because it is definitively a different name and it’s uncommon. As you know, and if you did not know you are now finding out, we are sisters and let's be honest we all know that brothers and sisters go through some disastrous stages in which we do nothing but fight and fight, and the worst of it is that we fight for the stupidest things in the world, but we fight. Our case was not different and we had (when we were younger) our fights, but we grew up and, on the other hand, we also have many things in common that create a balance and allow us to live in a more COLORFUL environment so that mixture creates a harmony called COLORFUL DISASTER. When we were thinking of names, we wanted something very unique, different and that really identified us and certainly, I think, we succeeded.

What advice do you have for bloggers who want to collaborate with companies or brands? How can bloggers get in touch with them?
This question we will answer very simply WORK HARD and do not work to receive something in return, work from the heart because what will arrive, will arrive when the brands or companies see what you are doing and the QUALITY of your work, that is what you will speak for you. Once you start working with companies, NEVER allow them to speak for you, always be clear and let them know what you are willing to do and what not, lying to your followers is never an option, if they cannot work with your style, it is better to simply do nothing.

What advice do you have for bloggers who want to network during events?
Honestly, it is as easy as being yourself, exposing yourself to others as you are is what will make the difference and what will surely attract attention or cause curiosity among others about you in wanting to know more about you. Being authentic is what sets you apart from the crowd.

What are simple ways to take a blog to a more professional level?
Being consistent, for us, this is a job and you have to treat your job with a lot of professionalism and respect, whatever you decide to do. You always have to create new things for those who follow you, the more your community grows the more demanding they are and the more they need to see you. Take care of your image and your vocabulary, it is very important that in each of your pictures you see your personality and that of your blog, just like the text that accompanies that photo should be able to transmit your thought, your feeling, always be genuine and real to those who are watching.

I LOVE your Instagram photos! How do you plan the photos you are going to post? What tips do you have to take better photos?
Much of our content on Instagram is spontaneous, we like to take pictures of the moment, the day we are living. The best tip EVER is to take a good photo use natural light, the light of GOD, there is no better light to take a beautiful photo. Take the photo near a window or door that lets a lot of natural light in and you will see how beautiful your pictures come out. Maybe if there are special days in a month that we understand we can plan ahead, we take the photo and save it to publish it later, that is something you can do. 

What advice do you have for young women who want to follow in your footsteps and create content online?
That everything they do comes from the heart because it is born within them because they want to help, to contribute something to society. Never ever, do anything to receive something in return, things will come over time, we can assure you. Be genuine, real, do not try to be someone you are not in order to please others if someone does not like what you do or how you are then bye. For sure, later on, that person will find who to follow that they like, but that does not serve as an obstacle for you to keep moving forward, being you is what makes you unique, special and different.

Favorite Camera: Canon T6i (the one we currently have)
App for editing pictures: VSCO, Snapseed y Instagram's editor is really good!
Favorite Blog: A Beautiful Mess (they are who inspired us when we started)
Favorite GirlBoss: Definitely the ladies from A Beautiful Mess, they have created a whole world with their blog and they have known how to take it through every stage and everything they have created, they are truly an inspiration.

Blog: http://colorfuldisaster.com

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