Koffee wiith Karina and Mallory Mileham: Starting a YouTube Channel!

Mallory Mileham is a YouTuber from Iowa. She started a YouTube channel all about life motivation and fashion inspiration a couple years ago, and she has loved every second of it! She hopes to inspire women all over and create a space where we can all support each other and help each other chase our passions and dreams. If you want to join on the journey, check out a few of her recent girlboss videos and be sure to subscribe! 

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?
I had been watching YouTube for a while (Jaclyn Hill mostly) when I decided I wanted to make my own channel. I've always loved anything and everything that allows me to be creative, and I thought it would be a fun hobby to have! It also helped me come out of my shell, and I will always be so thankful for that.

What are a few aspects of a YouTube channel that YouTube newbies should have clear before uploading their first video?

 I think doing a little bit of research before creating your first video is very helpful! I'd suggest sitting down and writing out a few things you're passionate about. Then think about how you could create a channel/videos around one of those things. It's important to love what you're creating videos about! I think researching thumbnails, channel banners, title, description, and tags is also very helpful! 

What tips do you have for feeling comfortable in front of a camera? 
I think every time you film, you become a little more comfortable with it. I used to feel awkward in front of the camera even when I was alone filming in my room lol! Now I'm able to film in front of other people, so I really think it just takes time. I also think telling other people about your channel and sharing it to your social media helps a TON. I remember being nervous to share my YouTube channel to FaceBook, and when I finally did everyone was so supportive of it. It helped me feel more comfortable with it and made me realize I should be proud of what I'm creating! Don't be afraid to share your awesomeness with others.

What advice do you have for someone who is afraid to start a YouTube channel?
I would say I have been there too, but I'm SO glad I didn't let my fears hold me back from doing something I now can't imagine life without. For me personally, I was afraid to start and share my channel mainly because I was scared about what other people might say or think about it. If that is what you are feeling too, I would really encourage you to face this fear! You will find many people to be so sweet and supportive. YouTube really has taught me to face my fears and be more confident, and I truly believe it will have a similar effect on anyone else who is afraid to start a channel but does it anyway. Don't let fear hold you back, and don't deprive the world of seeing all of the amazing talents you have. 

How did you come up with your first video idea?
The very first video I ever tried to film was a haul, and I'm not sure if I ended up posting it lol! After that, I believe I filmed a college night routine. I had seen other people filming night routines and thought a college version would be fun!

What should a channel have to look professional and put together?
I would say having a great profile picture and channel banner is important. I love using picmonkey.com for all of my channel banners. I also think trying to stay somewhat cohesive with your thumbnails is important-- just like how we all keep an Instagram theme. I'd recommend keeping one thing similar for every thumbnail, whether it's the font, a color, etc. When people are scrolling through their subscriptions and realize you've posted just by seeing your thumbnail, you're doing it right!

What advice do you have for a GirlBoss who is starting her YouTube channel today?
For most people, social media growth takes time. If you love what you're doing and have a passion for it, don't give up on it! 

Favorite Camera for filming: I love my Canon Rebel t5i with my canon 50mm 1.8 lens!
Favorite Video Editing Software: I love using iMovie and searching for green screen overlays on YouTube!
Favorite website/software for creating visuals: I love using savefromnet.com to include green screens in my videos. It's a total game changer!
Favorite GirlBoss: There are so many! One of the first women I looked up to was Lauren Conrad. I loved her work ethic on Laguna Beach and The Hills and continue to follow her journey on Instagram
Favorite video you have made: That's such a good question! One that I'm most proud of is "13 Reasons Why Not." I really took my time with it and it was really my way of telling my subscribers how amazing they are. 

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