January Letter from the Editor

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Karina Michelle and I am the founder + writer (sounds fancy huh?) of the Koffee Shop Co. I am passionate about digital and influencer marketing, love connecting with fellow creatives AND am an avid coffee drinker.

Now, let me introduce the coffee of this writing session. I am currently drinking a delicious cup of Puerto Rican coffee (the beans are from a local PR coffee shop called Cafetealo) with french vanilla creamer. It is actually heavenly.

Welcome to the Koffee Shop Co! Now, my suggestion is to treat this blog like your new insta-crush, let's start the stalking...

Koffee with Karina is an interview series where I talk to influencers and creatives who deeply inspire and motivate me. I have had some incredible guests like Nikki Phillippi, Rachel Aust and Hannah Ashton. Every person I have interviewed has had a huge impact on my blogger journey. 

There are still a few mote interviews that I will be uploading in the following week so be on the lookout for those!

I am also happy to announce that Koffee with Karina is getting an Upgrade (Beyonce style) very soon and I cannot wait for you to LISTEN in (wink wink). 

What else does the Koffee Shop offer? Posts on blogging tricks, social media strategies, YouTube advice AND influencer marketing info! This blog is totally for you if you want to grow your online platform, love learning about influencer marketing and are passionate about social media.

Look, this is a journey for both of us... I am excited to be learning with you because Lord knows, my Instagram needs it, haha. 

Let's do this thingy! (I am watching Freaky Friday and got inspired)

If you want behind-the-screens look at what goes on in the Koffee Shop and hints on what to expect each week on the blog, make sure to follow us on Instagram @koffeeshopco and you can also follow me (Karina) @thatkoffeegirl. Also, feel free to subscribe (is that only the YouTube thing to say?? What's the blog lingo, again??) to our newsletter! 

You have filled my espresso-filled heart with your support!

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