How to Find Motivation When You Need it the Most By Catie Cavanaugh

Life as a girl boss isn’t easy, as anyone who has been in those high-heeled shoes knows. The rising popularity of being a #GIRLBOSS has flooded our feeds and queues with TV shows and pithy success stories. Are they inspirational? Perhaps. Are they motivational? Not all the time.

Often I’ve found that this rising tide of information is both a blessing and curse. When I’m feeling good, it inspires me to keep going with my personal business. When I’m in a bit of a funk, I see these success stories as derailing and unattainable, as they often skip over the hard work of being a girl boss. Instead, I turn to methods I’ve tried and trust to spike my motivation.

1. Prime your Mind. A blank slate can be a beautiful thing. When our minds start piling up with negative crap, before we can build it back up, we need to clear it off. You wouldn’t want to build a tower on top of quicksand, right? My favorite method is to lie on my back, arms and legs spread out. This feels even better when outside on the grass, sun shining down. I imagine that there are roots growing from my body, carving deep into the soil below until they can’t go any further down. Picture your worries, all the thoughts plaguing your mind, flowing from your brain to your spine and down through your roots to be absorbed into the ground and never heard from again

2. Write your Why. Why are you a girl boss? Why are you spending hours out of your day to build a business? List them all, physically handwriting in colorful pens if you have to. This list should guide you through every day of your girl boss journey because at the end of the day there has to be a strong reason you are pushing through your ickiest and most unmotivated days. When these days roll by again, rewrite that list! Let your brain compute them yet again by handwriting it to let the words sink in.

3.  Act Accountably. Tell the world about your girl boss journey, everywhere from family reunions to Facebook. Will it be scary? You bet. It’s nerve-wracking to talk about yourself, even in a casual way or with people you know and love. But that extra little bit of pressure will make you more accountable towards your goals. And even if you’re afraid those friends and family will judge you, people may end up being more supportive than you realize. Extra accountability and support? Yes please!

4. Remember your Worth. You’ve made it, sweetie. You’ve started a journey, started working towards a goal that will reward you with the power to rule your life just the way you want it. Don’t forget that— and make sure you don’t by charting your success. Every week, reflect before your charge ahead. What did you do well? How can you improve? I keep a journal to record these thoughts, and spend just as much time celebrating myself as I do critiquing. Acknowledge how far you’ve come, and be inspired by what is still left to experience.

Keep on marching, girls! Find the motivation and your dream life will follow!

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