How to be Organized in Three EASY Steps!

If there is something that feels amazing it has to be feeling organized. By being organized you have full control of the task at hand & you will be able to execute it well & rapidly. I have always loved feeling organize. I was taught organization skills in seventh grade when leadership class was a requisite and my mom is an organization queen. It is very important to have an organized personal life, as well as work/education life. I will three easy ways of keeping your life organized! 
♡ Keep An Agenda or Planner!
This is the Lilly Pulitzer Large in Hot Spot! Not only is it big, but it comes with cute stickers, an overview calendar for each month, separate weeks & a few other extras! It is perfect for organizing! You have a lot of space for writing important dates & the stickers will motivate you, as well as will make each date pop! I pretty much write down everything in my agenda, from future blog posts to homework. If you put in “What’s in my bag? blog post” on October 3rd, it sets out a deadline & keeps you update (hehe) with pasts & future blog posts.

Other Suggestions: I am in love with my Erin Condren Planner, it is the best purchase Santa Claus has ever made!
♡ Carry Around A Little Notebook:
I love this! My mom swears by this & she passed on this little custom to me! This little notebook is to write EVERYTHING & ANYTHING in it. Bring it with you wherever you go & when you go to sleep… keep it next to your bed with a pen! Sometimes in the morning I wake up with a great idea and I go “Oh! I’ll remember this”… by the time I finish washing my face, it’s gone! So this is a must! You can write everything from ideas, dates (to later pass to your agendas), random thoughts. It is your “journal” to go! If you ever feel inspired on the road, you can write a blog post! I would suggest having one of these over typing things on notes, because it will never get deleted! Also, it’s a lot more personal to have your creations with your handwriting!
♡ An Organized Room Is An Organized life:
This is something I learned in the Maria Menounos book, “The EveryGirl’s Guide To Life”. When you have a clean & organized working area, all your concentration goes to what you are doing. There is no mess & no clutter, therefore, there is no distractions. I feel like when my room is a mess, my life is a mess. I feel disorganized, lost, anxious. And there is no better feeling than walking into a nice, clean room! Try to keep things in place, and make sure you make the bed before leaving your house! It definitely makes me feel happy & more productive because a task has already been accomplished even before I actually start my day!

♡ Make A To Do List:
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This is something I live by! To Do lists are what manage & control what I do everyday. As soon as I am done with a task I will do a neatly crossed line over it. Everything that needs to be done will be on the task. I even wrote “call mom/dad” just because it is something I really can’t forget to do. There is no task to “small” or “simple” that can get a “to do list free pass” & not be on it. Everything has to be on it! Make one at the start of your day & you can keep track of your productivity, as well as, make sure that all tasks are taken care of!

♡ Set An Alarm For Each Task:
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There is this “productivity” hack that’s called the Pomodoro Technique. A Pomodoro is a kitchen timer & it will go off when the time is up! Basically, you will put a time set on anything that you need to do. I do it a lot for my blog, I will set up an alarm to go off in twenty minutes, and I get as much work done as I can in that amount of time! It is great for improving creativity & productivity! I don’t use this all the time but it will prevent distractions, and it’s a good method to use from time to time.
As a drama queen I love these methods because they help me concentrate & get my work done so I won’t freak out afterward! I love making posts like this & I will hopefully make more soon!
I can cross this out of my to do list now

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