Koffee with Karina & Alexis from Strange & Charmed: Being A YouTuber and Blogger!

Alexis is an online entrepreneur who designs and sells digital tools to help you work smarter, not harder. After working in corporate Fortune 50 sales and marketing for five years, Alexis quit her job, started her own online business and replaced her income in just six months! She runs the productivity lifestyle blog Strange & Charmed (www.strangecharmed.com), creates productivity, planning and online business related videos on Youtube (youtube.com/misstrenchcoat), and shares the behind the scenes of her life on social media (@MissTrenchcoat on IG). If you’re ready to get started upping your productivity game and create the life and business of your dreams, feel free to download some of her latest FREE productivity tools over at TheCharmedShop.com!

What made you want to start your YouTube channel?
I started my Youtube Channel back in 2009 pretty much for fun! I had already been blogging and companies were starting to reach out to me to send me products to review (mostly tech cases and the like) so I thought making videos would be fun since I loved YouTube and watched a lot of reviews myself via the platform.

How did you decide what types of videos you will make?
I have gone through a few different iterations of my brand since beginning my blog and YouTube channel. At first I was into technology, then general lifestyle and finally, I developed my brand into productivity and planning as it is today. When I started on YouTube and with blogging around 2008-2009, things were much different on social platforms (many, like IG, didn’t even exist yet) so I made videos on topics that I enjoyed and didn’t see other people talking about. Now, however, since blogging and YouTube are both very major parts of my business and my brand is well established, I tend to choose video content based off of the questions I get asked from my audience. If many people ask me the same questions, I know it would be a good topic for a video. Of course, I still make videos on topics I enjoy and don’t see getting much attention as well, but I always make sure to stick within my branding of productivity and planning.

How do you plan your content?
I map out an editorial calendar before the start of each month with my blog posts and youtube videos. I use the monthly calendar spread inside my Charmed Life Planner, which you can check out over on TheCharmedShop.com if you are interested. It doesn’t matter which type of calendar or planner system you use really, but the important thing is that you develop a regular habit of creating that editorial calendar so you have your content mapped out ahead of time which makes writing posts and making videos easier when you know exactly what content you are creating and when it’s due.

What tips do you have for creating printables?
When it comes to creating printables, I think it’s very important that if you are going to charge for the printables that you are using professional design software like Adobe Indesign or Illustrator and that you do your research to ensure you are creating unique designs. There are so many printables available online nowadays and so quality is more important than ever, as is marketing. I think many people who design printables get discouraged that their designs don’t sell and that is usually because they aren’t marketing or promoting their products enough to be seen. Just because people can search and find your work doesn’t mean they are going to buy unless you give them a good reason to through your marketing. 

What tips do you have for promoting posts on social media?
When it comes to promoting posts on social media, both blog posts and youtube videos alike, I think it’s important that you keep things visual and searchable. Make sure you are taking great images for your blog posts that you can use to promote the post on IG or Twitter and use relevant hashtags so that the right audience can stumble upon your work.

How is coming up with blog content different than coming up with YouTube content?
For me creating blog content and youtube content is the same process. I start with brainstorming or compiling content ideas and then I decide whether the content would be best expressed as a video, through an informative blog post, or as a short post on one of my social platforms. Not all my content turns into either a blog post or a video, many times content ideas end up on Instagram or Facebook and I think it’s very important that you think about and map out content for your social media just as you would plan content for a blog or YouTube channel. We have so many ways to connect and share content so not every great idea needs to become a full-on blog post or video. 

What advice do you have for managing a blog and YouTube channel?
My best advice for managing a blog and YouTube channel is that quality is more important than quantity! When you are first starting out, I think it’s important to take the time to develop your craft via writing or videography so that you improve your skills and create better content. Less really is more when it comes to content online- I think most followers would rather see one well-done blog post or video than several poorly constructed ones.

Favorite camera to film with: Canon 80D
Favorite video editing software: Final Cut Pro X
Favorite video you have made: Hard to pick just one but I love the video where I make a DIY Spiral Planner, it felt like such an accomplishment and it was easier than I expected! 
Favorite book: My favorite productivity book is Getting Things Done by David Allen
Favorite GirlBoss:I have a lot of favorite GirlBosses but right now I’m really loving what Cara Alwill Leyba, author of Girl Code and The Champagne Diet, is doing with her brand and business. Very fun and inspiring! You can follow her at www.CaraAlwill.com or @TheChampagneDiet on IG


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