Koffee with Karina & Hannah Ashton: Treating your YouTube channel like a business

Hannah Ashton is a 17-year-old YouTuber with a passion for inspiring her viewers and leading a boss babe life! She not only uploads weekly lifestyle videos and vlogs, but also started a social media and YouTube consulting business, Hannah Ashton Content. Through her business she is able to share her experiences and knowledge of running her personal brand like a business and teaches others how to grow, engage and create content they love! No matter her schedule, Hannah is never too busy to answer a question or talk about what she loves.

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?
I started in middle-school with a doll channel and I actually started getting into YouTube by watching Blair and Elle Fowler, I just loved being able to see what products they used and what they were doing in their lives. I started feeling the connection that people have with YouTubers and why they love YouTubers, the feeling of knowing them without actually knowing them. Then I got into Bethany Mota, other beauty gurus and American Girl doll YouTubers. I really loved how I felt watching a YouTube video, to come home from a bad day and watch a video and feel better, I wanted to reciprocate that to other girls. It was a long process from middle-school to now, at the end of high school, but I am so happy that I ended up starting it.

You made a video on how to get over the fear of starting a channel, what advice do you have for someone who has this fear?
With my consulting business, people always tell me, “I have all these ideas and I have a passion for it but I am scared and I don’t know what people will think.” That’s why I decided to make the video on feeling comfortable on camera. It is a big fear that people have. Everyone is scared to be made fun of and to be talked about behind their back but you just have to not care what people think. Don’t give them energy and just do your thing.

Was there a point in your channel where you decided to stop thinking of it as a hobby and switched it into a business?
When I started making money, I’d say freshmen or sophomore year of high school, I started to think about the professionalism of my videos but when I decided to brand my channel was when I started working with “The Letter Magazine” with Lauren Taylor. She had a YouTube channel that I was helping with in the fall of 2016 or so. She told me all about her brand, the mission statement, the business plan she wants to put into her YouTube, she was taking her business side of having a publication to her channel and I was like, “wow, that seamlessly works together and really changes your YouTube.” I started doing that to my channel and that’s when I started helping out YouTubers because I think when you start a YouTube it is a bit more casual, but when you start thinking about it as a business or a brand, you don’t want to take the fun out of it, but it’s how you will get it to grow faster because people will take you more seriously and it’s easier to get sponsorships.

Should figuring out your brand and taking the steps to treat your YouTube as business be figured out before posting your first video?
I think so! There are so many YouTubers and videos going up daily that to set yourself apart you should be having that from the get go or starting now, it is going to launch your channel above all the other channels. It shows people that you are there to stick around. I advise to, not necessarily have a mission statement but a tagline, a color scheme, fonts for thumbnails. Thinking about the little things of starting a brand.

I adore the GirlBoss related videos! Where did you get the idea for the “20 habits of successful people” video? Did you think it would blow up like it did?
I was just thinking of video ideas and I love going on blogs to find inspiration. My favorites are blogs and websites with a lifestyle feel. A lot of them had habit posts with numbers on it, such as,”50 habits of...” I came up with the video idea and with the number twenty, which thinking back I should have chosen a smaller number, but for me it was just a normal video. A couple of months went by and it had a couple of thousand views and then around May it blew up and I went from sixty-eight thousand subscribers, where I had been stuck for a while, and now I am passed a hundred thousand subscribers. It is so weird, but it is always the videos you don’t expect to blow up that do.

You mentioned how important titles are, would you mind sharing tips on how to write a good title?
Sure! The first three words are really important because of YouTube’s algorithm it determines how your video will be categorized. Numbers do really good, so if you had things, such as, “50 hacks.” A lot of people add their channel name to their title as well, but I actually learned that you don’t need to do that because it takes up space from the title and people already see your username. Focusing and getting to the point on your title. Do not put “my” in video titles, like “my morning routine” because people will not search “my morning routine” in the search bar but “morning routine.”

Where do you get your video ideas? What advice do you have for people who are stuck?
So, I look through blogs and other YouTubers. I will scroll through my subscription box and see what people are uploading. My subscription box is like my form of research, I will look through people who are similar to myself, it’s not that you are copying them. With YouTube and the Internet you have to be on top with what is trending and what people are watching. It is about seeing what is trending and putting your own twist on it, it will help you gain views and get subscribers.

What made  you start your consultation business?
I was helping manage Lauren Taylor’s YouTube channel with video scheduling and sponsorships and through that she said she could see that being a path for me. I have always been in front of the camera but I loved being behind the camera too and helping people with being in front of the camera! I started thinking about that and I have a year and a half left of high school and I started playing around with WIX and you could create your website with bookings and I always thought it would be something that I would go on later on. My inspiration and passion kept growing and I would work on it everyday, I decided that I was ready to launch. I started working on December 2016 and it launched by January 2017, which is so fast and I would not recommend starting a business so quickly but I was going along with it and it has been great!

How did you find clients?
I did have a few clients during my first few weeks but I did not focus a lot on it during the spring because I was busy with high school. But then when the 20 habits video went viral, I had the link to the website on my description, like I do with every video, and it helped my business boom. I am not focused on growing clients but growing the business.

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