Koffee with Karina & girlboss, Glory: How to start a YouTube channel!

"Glory is a glampreneur, makeup artist, and blogger. She lives in the Lone Star State and enjoys nights out with her girls. She adores Sunday brunch, six inch heels, and tall carafes of bottomless prickly-pear (sparkly and bubbly) mimosas.

She is a girl’s girl who loves helping women transform every aspect of their lives from drab to fab. Great skin, a pinch of encouragement, and tons of sparkle is all you need to beat basic and live the glamorous life.”

What made you want to start making videos on YouTube?
Well, I started watching videos on YouTube in college. Somehow, I stumbled across one video, I didn’t even know what YouTube was back then. I somehow Googled something and stumbled across a video and I was like, “oh crap! This is awesome!" I would spend all of my days and nights watching people, like every single day and I loved it. I opened a channel on YouTube, but I didn't post anything for a year, I didn't want to make any videos. I don't know what stopped me. I wanted to wait until I could afford the right equipment, I wanted to come out right, but then I realized I didn't need all of that. I realized I could make videos too and help other people. I would wake up early in the morning, I would film and edit, post it and then I would wake up to see if anyone commented, I would go to sleep and repeat it all again.

Did you have a gut feeling about starting a YouTube channel?
Yeah! Every single day I would watch YouTube and I thought, “I can’t wait until I do it.” I didn't have many followers but I knew I would be successful at it.

Do you think people should wait on creating content until they have the right equipment?
I feel like most people started without the fancy equipment. When it comes down to it, as long as the video is not grainy and blurry and we can see you, it's fine. If people can see that you love what you do and they love your personality, they will subscribe to you. Regardless of the equipment you have, if anything it will make them more excited because they get to grow with you. People can get burned out. A lot of people are on the hunt for new people to watch and they will stick with you through your journey. People appreciate being a part of the journey with you. I was one of those people who thought you really didn't need those things to get started. Even after I got my T4I my videos still looked crappy because I didn't know how to use it.

How do you plan your content?
I am really not that organized with YouTube. I think it’s good to organize your content, but for me I like the spontaneity of it all, I just sit down and film. I would think “something around this” or  I would have the idea but not a step by step plan. A general idea, but I didn't write it down and plan it out.

So many gurus are now either being sponsored by companies or collaborating with them! What do you think of this new movement? And what do you think it means for the beauty industry?
I think it’s great! This has changed so many people’s lives! People are making a living off of YouTube. They are living these nice lives now and doing things they would have never been able to do otherwise. I think it’s great because people don't want to see celebrities promote stuff and would rather see “real" people. People want to watch every day people review and recommend things because of the trust they have built with their audience. These creators follow their passion and do what is unconventional for brands to recognize that and to support them is amazing. YouTube is the new reality TV, a lot of people are watching everything on YouTube, it’s the human factor. I think in the next few years it will be bigger.

Any advice for people who want to start an online job but are afraid to?
Putting yourself out there is half the battle. Challenge yourself, do something that you would otherwise not do and you will see a huge growth in yourself and you might get a response you would have never expected. Tell yourself you can do it & that it's possible. Speak it into existence. Put in the hard work and be intentional. If I am going somewhere, I make sure to have my makeup on because people will ask about it, I am a walking-talking billboard! It's all about being intentional with everything you do. Don’t be afraid to let people know what you do.

Canon T4i
Diva Ring Light
Cute shirt with no pants on for filming (every YouTuber’s fave ;) )
Fotor and Canva (for thumbnails)

YouTube: youtube.com/makeupglory
Instagram: @GlobyGlory
Facebook: Glo by Glory
Makeup Line: https://globyglory.com/

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