Koffee with Karina and Kat Horrocks: Being a confident creator & organizing content

Kat Horrocks is a 23-year-old YouTube creator, life coach and makeup artist from Manchester, UK. She's been blogging and filming videos for over 4 years. She's passionate about encouraging women to put themselves first and live their best life, so her content is all about self care, personal growth and positivity.

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?
I discovered the YouTube community myself and was hooked on watching videos! It was so great to find a global community of like minded, supportive people with similar interests, and I just wanted to be a part of it!

How did you decide on the type of videos you wanted to create?
I make videos about things that I'm passionate about. That used to be mainly makeup and beauty, but in recent years has transitioned into self care, personal growth and generally spreading positivity. I'm all about encouraging women to put themselves and their goals first, so that mantra is what I focus on when it comes to planning content.

What tips do you have for being comfortable in front of the camera?
Honestly just do it. Accept you're gonna be awkward and uncomfortable in front of it for a while! The more videos you can put out the easier it becomes. The hardest part is starting. Beyond that, I like to imagine who I'm talking to with my community members in mind. Talk as if they were behind the camera. Music also helps pump me up and get me in a positive mood to film.

How do you organize and plan out your content?
Everything is planned in advance, usually once a month. I categorise my content into different topics - self care, beauty and style, personal growth, productivity, health and wellness, etc. Once I have the ideas written out I'll use the YouTube search box to find the catchiest, searchable title and get everything scheduled in my calendar. Then it's a case of dedicating at least 1-2 days in the week to filming, editing and getting everything done!

How do you come up with video ideas?
It's probably 50% feedback and requests from my community and 50% personal inspiration and topics that are relevant to me or I'm passionate about wanting to share. I like to have that balance, because both are important.

What tips do you have on time management? How do you organize your time in order to work on your blog, film, edit, etc.?
My Bullet Journal is my life! I always recommend a "brain dump" list to get everything out of your head, then portion out tasks across your weekly schedule so you don't overwhelm yourself. With the Bullet Journal, everything from YouTube, to personal life and other work is accounted for, and I write my schedule and to do list out the night before every work day. I thrive on structure so it works really well for me, and means that I'm fitting in all the important things!

What advice do you have for young women who want to be successful YouTubers?
If you've not already, just start - done is better than perfect. Be true to who you are and follow your heart when creating content, as people can sense authenticity and passion. Work your booty off but always prioritise self care. It's the most important thing! Protect your energy and surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Favorite camera to film with: Sony A5000
Favorite video editing software: Final Cut Pro
Favorite video you have made: So hard! Probably my video about a relative body shaming me and the tough time I had with gaining weight. I was nervous to share it but it resonated with many people!
Favorite GirlBoss: Again, so hard! Currently I'd have to say YouTuber Grace Victory - she's just published her first book, has a beautiful soul (she just shines with positivity!) and is really making a difference in her viewers' lives sharing her struggles with an eating disorder, body image, mental health and other difficult subjects. She uses her platform to raise awareness and make a difference in the world, which is the ultimate GirlBoss to me.
Favorite book that all young female creators should read: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Blog: http://kathorrocks.com/
YouTube: http://youtube.com/kathorrocks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kat_horrocks/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kat_Horrocks
Podcast: https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/

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