Koffee with Karina and Emily from Entertaining with Emily: Blogger, Etsy Seller & Pinterest Queen

Emily Klaparda is the blogger and owner of Entertaining with Emily. Her blog aims to help the everyday woman turn into the "hostess with the mostest."

I absolutely ADORE Entertaining with Emily! What made you want to start blogging?
It was sort of a slow and painful process for me to get it off the ground at first.  I had a lot of friends urging me to do this for so long, but I just really couldn’t find the time, until this year because my youngest was finally in preschool full time. Before this year, I had had at least one kid home for the past six years! So, this was the first time I could actually catch my breath! I started creating my website last spring, and when I finally got that up and running, it was a huge relief!  I already had a ton of material to work with on my computer – all my parties from all my kids for the past six years!  I have to admit, I don’t always enjoy the “blogging” process so much. I really just love posting pictures of my work.  That’s maybe why I gravitate more towards Instagram and Pinterest so much!

There is so much thought put into each one of your posts and creations - what does the process of planning a post look like?
Well, I’m glad it looks that way! While some of my posts and party shoots are completely thought out, half of them are usually me having a last minute idea and then trying to rush around to get my shoot together in the last few remaining moments before I need to leave and pick my kids up from school.  I always wish to have planned ahead more, but life ends up getting in the way most of the time.  But, I’m pretty good at doing them quickly and under pressure. I have a monthly post I do as part of being a contributor for Project Nursery, so I usually try to plan out a post that is relevant seasonally – Christmas, Fourth of July, Spring party ideas, etc.

You are seriously a walking-talking Pinterest Board! Where do you get your inspiration to create such beautiful parties?
Thank you so much!  I seriously can’t really remember life before Pinterest, isn’t that crazy? Well, my usual inspiration always seems to come in the strangest places. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and just start perusing Pinterest, and I might come across an image that just sparks my interest, or makes me think of something else, and then leads me down a crazy rabbit hole of ideas! Also, I can be out shopping and I will see an item (even at the Target Dollar Bin or our local grocery store) and it will give me inspiration for a party idea or design. I usually find one item, and then branch off from it for my party designs.

Your pictures on Instagram are absolutely GORGEOUS!! How do you take such beautiful pictures?
Of all the questions I get on a regular basis, this is probably my #1 question that I get and I think it is hilarious because I am in NO way a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination! I shoot with a Nikon D7100 camera. I love shooting with my 50mm lens which is what I tend to use the most. I also do a ton of editing in post using photoshop actions to lighten and brighten. But, a couple of other things also really help me – my house has a ton of windows and gets great light, so my photos tend to look really light and bright as it is, and also, my background is in design, so I have a designer’s eye when I shoot. This means I’m always looking for interesting angles and depth of field when I’m shooting.

What inspired you to start selling on Etsy?
I set up my Etsy shop on sort of a whim. I literally had all the digital files from my kids’ parties just sitting and collecting dust my computer. So, in August of 2016, I started my shop and listed only one item – a bunny cake table backdrop from my daughter’s birthday party. I didn’t even really check Etsy very often at that point, but in early November, I received an email from Etsy saying that someone had purchased the backdrop. I actually couldn’t believe it!  It made me wonder if I could sell more. So, in late November I decided to start listing more of my digital party items for sale. In the past four months, I’ve had 223 sales and I now have 121 items for sale. I’m really loving this Etsy seller thing because it is flexible with my schedule of juggling my kids and all of their activities. You can find me doing a lot of my custom work while I’m watching my kids at gymnastics or dance class.

What advice do you have for women who want to sell their products on Etsy?
Well, I sell printable digital files only, which is a really great thing for me since it means I don’t have to ship anything, EVER! I just email my clients the files, and a lot of my files are available for Instant Download, which is great because I don’t actually have to do anything with those! So that’s a huge plus for me.
I would also advise women to sell things/designs in an area or market that isn’t completely saturated.  I’ve found that some of my best selling party designs are for party themes that aren’t found everywhere – my Top Gun party has been a huge seller, as has my Bunny Party. Those are party themes you can really find anywhere these days!

Cacti: I just did a Cactus themed baby shower with sort of a Kawaii flair to it, and I’m absolutely obsessed with these little cacti!
Watercolor Anything: I love watercolor-looking designs and backgrounds, especially florals!
Pale Blue Gingham: don’t ask why, but I am just really into this right now!! I’m trying to think of a way to use this in an upcoming party or dinner…
Unicorns: Any time I see a Pinterest image of a unicorn party/cake/etc, I almost always repin it!!
Bird’s nests with speckled robin’s eggs inside: perfect decorating for your spring table!

Website: https://www.entertainingwithemily.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entertainingwithemily/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilyklaparda/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/emily7112/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmilyEntertains

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