Koffee with Karina and Natalie Barbu: Coming up with Video Content Ideas!

Nathalie is a college student who absolutely loves sharing her life and advice on the Internet! What started as a random makeup video turned into so much more and was the best decision made. She lives in Charlotte, NC but attends NC State University studying Industrial Engineering. Her channel is an outlet for people to get advice, watch easy makeup tutorials, see her favorite trends and styles, and is meant to feel like you are watching an old friend! 

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?
Before I started making YouTube videos, I became obsessed with watching “beauty gurus” and was fascinated by the whole aspect of makeup and tutorials. One random rainy day at home, I decided to turn on my MacBook and started doing my makeup on camera. I absolutely loved the editing process, the filming process, everything. But when I first started I was not very serious about it and did it randomly. When I started college I began focusing on it more, learning how to get better, and then my love and passion for it began and now here we are… 

How did you shape the focus of your channel?
I always knew I wanted to focus on fashion and makeup videos in the beginning. During my teenage years that was my main interests on and off of YouTube. My channel has grown with me, though. As I entered college, I loved making college advice videos, college fashion/makeup videos, all things to do with college. I just loved speaking to the camera as if it were my best friend in front of me. I also loved watching videos that were very relatable and girls that I felt were my friends not just someone on screen. I really do hope my viewers see me as an older sister giving advice or a close friend. My channel is a reflection of who I am so even if I do not solely do makeup and fashion videos, I love that it grows with me and is an accurate portrayal of my stage in life. 

What do you do creatively to come up with new video ideas?
I normally try to make videos that are relevant at the moment. So now that back-to-school season is upon us, you will see me making more and more school-related videos. Or Christmas time, I loved doing Vlogmas this year and getting in the Christmas spirit on my channel. But, my main way to help me come up with videos is by reading the comments and asking my subscribers. At the end of every video, I ask what videos they would like to see and I really utilize social media to hear what they would want me to post! 

I absolutely adore your College series & the college major interviews! How do you plan your videos?
Thank you so much! My mom actually gave me that idea because she saw how much I struggled with choosing my major, and now my little sister is entering that stage of life. I always got a ton of questions of why I chose engineering since I am a female who loves fashion and makeup, it is not too common. For those videos, I began asking my closest friends and family to help me because I had such a diverse group of friends in different majors. I also asked the questions I wanted to hear when I was choosing my major like “Why did you choose it? What can I do after college?” etc. To this day that is one of my favorite things I have done on my channel since it has helped so many people! 

During the past few years, YouTube content has seen some interesting trends, such as, mermaid everything, slime and 100 layers tag! How do you keep track of trends? And how do you decide which ones you will make videos on?
I do enjoy some of the trends that go around on YouTube, but I definitely only pick a small amount to do. Like I said, my channel is a reflection of who I am so if I don’t really like a certain “tag” or “trend” then I won’t do it, even if it does garner a lot of views. I want to be my most authentic self and steer away from doing videos just for views. I do love watching many of them and have participated in some tags like the “Mom tag” or “ Vlogmas” is a huge thing on YouTube and I love it! I like bringing my family on my channel and having everyone getting to know them. 

How do you decide the time period that your videos go up? (Example, how do you decide the dates where you will upload Back to School, Christmas related, etc.)  
I normally begin to do seasonal videos once I start thinking about them myself. August is around the time I start realizing school is around the corner and should start thinking of packing, moving in, classes, etc. so around now you will start seeing some more school-related videos from me! Or around Christmas, I normally start listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving and then that will have me in the spirit of making holiday videos. 

What advice do you have for young women who want to follow your steps and succeed on YouTube?
100% go for it! I think the best advice to give is to just start and do it. A lot of girls feel like they need an expensive camera, or an expensive editing software but that is not true. Nowadays your iPhone can shoot great videos and iMovie is free! And once you realize you love it and would like to get serious, then you can think about buying better equipment. But you definitely do not need that in the beginning. Also, only do it if you really love it not for fame. It won’t be enjoyable and your viewers will be able to tell if you are unhappy or not being your true self.

Favorite Camera to film with: Canon 70D for main channel videos and Canon G7X Mark II for vlogs
Favorite Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Favorite microphone: Rode Mic
Favorite Thumbnail editing software: PicMonkey- free and easy to use!
Favorite video you have made: I loved my Year in Review video, it was definitely more for me to look back on and share my life with my viewers!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/beautybynatxo/videos

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