Koffee with Karina and Anna Elizabeth: Having the perfect look and feel to your channel!

Anna Elizabeth is a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion Youtuber. Located in Kansas City, she started making videos as a freshman in high school and has been constantly growing her business ever since. Whether she's bringing her viewers along throughout her day, doing a makeup tutorial, or showing a fashion lookbook, the internet can't get enough of Anna's videos.

What made you want to start a YouTube channel? 
So many things! I absolutely loved makeup as a freshman and became obsessed with buying it. I would spend all my free time watching YouTube makeup tutorials and trying out new looks. I also had discovered iMovie as a freshman, and would always make my friends make short videos with me about the most random things (music videos, vlogging, etc.). I felt super inspired by the internet and I loved the community, so I decided to try to make a channel myself! 

Your YouTube channel is so beautiful! Did you plan the overall feel and look of it or did it just happen as you kept posting?
It honestly just kind of happened! I realized the more I let my true self shine through in my videos the more it added to the overall "look" of my channel! I use similar colors for thumbnails that I love, and my editing style is something that is unique from everyone else. Since I'm sharing my life with my viewers, I want them to feel like we're internet friends. That's something that is not easy to do, but that's one reason I love doing vlog-style videos, I feel like I'm just hanging out with my viewers!

Your thumbnails are absolutely gorgeous! What do you think makes a good thumbnail? 
Thank you! :) For a really long time I struggled with thumbnails, and I wasn't sure how to have a good thumbnail 'theme' to my channel. I think very high-quality photos from your video make an amazing thumbnail, and TEXT IS SO IMPORTANT! I have been using the same font for all of my thumbnails for a while now, and I think it adds so much to the look of your channel! Also, the bigger the font, the better. The thumbnail is the first thing people will see, and if it's bright and bold text, it will make more people click on your video. Other than that, something else I love doing is adding cute overlays, emojis, and doodles to my thumbnails to make them more unique :)

Your videos are so unique! How do you come up with video ideas?
They honestly come from everywhere! Wherever I go, I get video inspiration. Whenever I'm out and about, I absolutely love vlogging. Bringing my viewers along on my day is my favorite thing to do, and it makes them feel more connected to you. I even get video inspiration when I'm just listening to music. One day when I was making a spotify playlist of my favorite songs, I realized I should share my fav songs with my viewers, and I also wanted to do a 'drive with me' video, so I combined them to make my "Top 20 Songs for Summer/Drive With Me" video! I had so much fun with it, and that had never been done before so my viewers loved it. Other than that, I get SO much inspiration for makeup tutorials from Pinterest, but also fashion! I love matching my makeup to my outfits, so it changes all the time based on the season. 

I think that something that people struggle with is coming up with a good title - do you have any tips on doing so?
Titles are something that can be difficult, because you want it to reflect you and your video while also helping you to get those clicks. My biggest tip is to not put something as your title just because you think it will get you "views". I see SO many people make a title that has nothing to do with their video and even though it may get them the views at first, it will not help you in the long run. Make sure it reflects what your video is about in some way. Also, try and put parts of your title in your thumbnail, because that is the first thing people see! 

What is the biggest advice you have for young women who want to start a YouTube channel? 
My biggest advice is to start a channel because you are passionate and you love it. Do not start it for the money (that takes a long time), or "fame", or anything else besides being super passionate about something you love to do! Be yourself in your videos and try to stand out from others. Do something different, and if you are 100% yourself, it shouldn't be that hard, because no one else is like you. 

Camera: Canon g7x and Canon Rebel t3i
Favorite lighting: natural lighting! i also use umbrella lights :) 
Favorite videos to make: I LOVE making personal videos! Definitely vlogs and advice videos.
Favorite YouTuber: Danielle Carolan! 
Favorite video I've made: This was a while ago, but my entry for the IT Cosmetics contest. It was titled 'Your Most Beautiful You' and it's basically a short film that talks about being yourself, and it even has a makeup tutorial at the end. (I made the top 20 for the contest!)

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