Post an OOTD that will get noticed with these SIX easy steps by Bianca Cardona

If you are a fashion lover, like I am, you might love taking pictures of new outfits to show them off on social media. You might visit your public Instagram feed and see these amazing influencers with cute outfits that show them looking fabulous, you might ask yourself a couple of questions like, “Where is that outfit from?” “Was it expensive?” “How can I take a picture to show certain parts of the outfit?” and “Where can I get cute and affordable clothing and look like an influencer?”

By definition, an influencer is someone who influences others in purchasing certain things and has the power to affect the purchase decisions of the viewer. Influencers normally have the latest in the fashion industry and I believe you can achieve this too! So now, how can YOU become one? Easy!

Step 1: Go to your closet and put together an outfit you might find fashionable and cute

Step 2: Take a picture in it. Make sure to emphasize what you love the most about the outfit!
Step 3: Post it on social media and tag the stores or brands where you purchased the item from. For example: if the shirt is from Zara, @Zara in your shirt, if your skirt or pants are from a boutique, mention the boutique. This is important because these brands and stores are constantly searching to see who tags them and they might like your pic or even repost it on their social media page! 

Step 4: Hashtags are very important if you are using Instagram. When people look for specific things they might look search through the hashtags, so it's important that, if you want to influence others, add hashtags, such as: #fashion #zarashirt #zara #fashionblogger.

Step 5: If you are trying to become an influencer you might want to set your Instagram to public this way anyone can see your post and it might lead you to gaining more followers!
Step 6: try and connect with other influencers because succeeding in the fashion industry is all about connections and who you meet. 

These are my six easy tips for getting your OOTD noticed! 

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