Wednesdays in a Cafe: my favorite way to plan my Instagram posts!

A conversation that I always have my content creator friends is "how do you slay Instagram?" I have to admit Instagram is not my online forte, but this website has changed the way I Instagram. 

Planoly is a website that allows users to manage, plan and schedule Instagram posts on a computer or mobile device.

Why do I use it?
Although I am a huge fan of Instagram, I struggle with the visual layout of it. As you may know, users are now creating "themes" for their Instagram accounts, like Lauren Conrad and her vintage-light theme, Meghan Rienks' white theme and Remi Ashten's bright colored theme

Planoly is like a Pinterest board that allows you to view how pictures will look on your Instagram page. They have recently launched a drafts segment on the site that allows you to draft Instagram posts that yet to have a post date. 

Instagram does not allow third parties to upload content for you, but by downloading the Planoly app you can receive a notification when it's time to post! 

Planoly has a blog that offers content creators a deeper inside look on how to use Instagram like a pro with posts on how to get noticed, how to brand your Instagram and interviews with awesome content creators!

What do YOU think about Planoly? 

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