Koffee with Karina and Jennifer An Bui: Balancing blogging and a full time job!

Jennifer An Bui is a mid-twenties blogger born and raised in Vancouver, BC. When 2016 hit she knew, she wanted to start Travel & Lifestyle blog. She wanted to help people see the best the world had to offer and still keep theirs at home goals in check.

How did you get started? What inspired you to start blogging?
I actually started blogging a long time ago, back in August of 2013 to be exact. But that was short lived, I loved the idea of blogging, sharing ideas, making internet friends and just creating content but I tried to copy what other people were doing too often and eventually I just didn’t enjoy any more. Fast forward one year later in 2015, I tried it again, but mentally I wasn't ready, I was really unhappy in my life and blogging about happy things felt too forced so that ended too.

Finally late last year, November of 2016 I decided that I was going to take this head on, and blog about what I was most passionate about, traveling. And it came easily because for once I loved what I was talking about and start to create my own voice in the travel blogging world. My blog became all about getting the most bang for your buck, whether it’s how to see all of London in 5 days or find the cheapest and best places to eat in Amsterdam I want people to find my blog relatable and most importantly attainable. Lately, I threw in some life topics because these past few years life has taught me a lot and I want my readers to learn from my mistakes!

You have a full-time job and your blog! How do you balance the two?
I blog, do YouTube and work! And the way I do it is with the motto, done is better than perfect. I could spend hours obsessing over images, sentence structures and where to cut a video, but I don’t because I learned a long time ago that done is better than perfect. And the faster you get something out the faster you learn from your mistake and the faster you can move on to creating a different idea.
In regards on how I balance the three, I set a schedule and a to-do list. My work life is set, Monday - Friday I work 9-5. I try to write two blog post and film at least one video over the weekend. Then throughout the week, depending on the day I'll edit things. Monday I might find photos for the blog post I write, Tuesday I might edit the post and Wednesday I might edit my video. I break down the task throughout the week so I am not left with an overwhelming amount to do. There are some nights that I stay up late to finish something by a certain deadline but I try to not do that too often.

What are tasks that a young #GirlBoss should prioritize when blogging?
Good Images and purposeful content. There is nothing I hate more than clicking on to a blog post with a great image and title only to see a tiny amount of content not at all related.

What are some of your favorite ways to work smarter and not harder?
1. Hit save whenever you remember because things die
2. Make the most out of your commute, you aren’t doing much anyways
3. Create a to-do list every night, highlight the top three things you want to do & do them first the next day

With blogging there is a lot that goes into promoting a post - is there a way to do this to save a little bit of time?
I know promoting is a big thing, my favorite is Pinterest so I make sure my images are Pinterest ready first, blog ready second. But in regards to promoting I have always been a do what feel’s naturally kind of gal and not to force it. Social media is all about building an authentic community, so my advice is this, post when it feels right, and if it feels forced and salesy, it is forced and salesy.

What are ways that bloggers can concentrate on the work they are doing without procrastinating?
Start as soon as you sit down. Don’t tell yourself, after this video or after 5 mins or when the clock hits an even number (:00, :15, :30, :45). As soon as you sit down start. And if you have a hard time doing that just start for 5 mins, then do whatever you want. Chances are you are going to stay and finish.

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