Koffee with Karina & Victoria Leandra: Step up your Instagram game!

Victoria Leandra is a born and raised Puerto Rican living in the Big Apple, New York City. She created her lifestyle blog, Sabor with Style, to express her thoughts, inspirations, career advice and to share her travel journey and unique style.

What inspired you to start a blog?
Before coming to New York City, I won three beauty pageants. This allowed me to meet a lot of people in the fashion industry and become involved in Puerto Rico’s entertainment industry, but when I came to New York I did not have all of that, so I wondered how could I get involved in that scene because I wanted to attend New York Fashion Week. I decided to start a blog and say, “Hey! I would love to cover your show for my audience!” My blog started out as a fashion blog but it has evolved into a lifestyle blog.

I absolutely adore the name, Sabor with Style! How did you come up with it?
Coming up with it was actually pretty difficult. I made a list of all the things that kind of define me, like my style and the fact that I’m a little sassy, as some friends say, "I make the most ordinary phrases sound delightful.” I just wrote down a bunch of terms that described my personality and I looked at the list and searched for words that I liked the most. I decided on “Sabor with Style” because the word Sabor comes from having flavor or a sort of unique spice and Style because you have to own your own style. My advice is to pick a name that you feel comfortable with, that defines you and that people can easily identify you with.

I am obsessed with your visuals! Your blog & Instagram are gorgeous! How long does it take you to get the perfect picture?
Thanks! It’s funny because I can take twenty photos but then I realize that I like the first one the most because it’s the most candid. I really like when my pictures look natural and relatable.

Do you go with a plan when taking pictures or take them spontaneously? 
It depends; sometimes I have something in mind, like if I want to write a blog post about a weekend in New York I have to plan out where I’ll go and what will I do, but if I end up in a great spot and I want to talk about it, I do it! It’s just a combination between spontaneity and planned things. My advice would be to stay alert about your surroundings and pay attention to what interest you the most. This way your content would be original, raw and true to your brand.
Victoria’s coverage of New York Fashion Week: Edgy yet feminine during NYFW 2015

Do you have a theme for your Instagram?
My theme is basically all the things that I love. I would never say, “Oh, I love that but it does not go with my theme!” If I find it awesome, I make it a part of my theme. The slogan for my blog is, “A Latina sharing all things she finds unique.”

Who takes your pictures?
It depends, If I’m hanging out in the city with my friends they take my pictures, but other times it’s professional photographers. I have contacts who I love collaborating with!

I need to step up my Instagram game! Any tips for people who want to improve their Instagram page?
I’m a very visual person! I know how to edit a picture and I know which angles are the best so I put more effort into creating original and out of the box images and I think that’s what my audience really likes!

Favorite apps: VSCO, Pinterest, Spotify
Favorites: Latino Music, Movies, Reading Online Articles, Chocolate and Mofongo

Blog: http://saborwithstyle.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/saborwithstyle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saborwithstyle
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/victorialeandra/
Snapchat: @VictoriaLeandra

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