Koffee with Karina & Jemma: How to SLAY Twitter & hosting Twitter chats!

Jemma is a 28-year-old blogger and online creator. Her blog Dorkface is dedicated to lifestyle, beauty, art, craft and anything creative! She created the online community, #TheGirlGang, which has 2,500 members based on spreading kindness and joy!

CONGRATULATIONS on launching your YouTube channel! I absolutely love your videos! From a creator's perspective, how is creating content for a blog different than creating for a YouTube channel?
Thank you, I'm still getting the hand of it! I'm SUCH a newbie. For me, writing is second nature and I know how I like to 'voice' myself, whereas with Youtube I have no idea what I'm doing, haha. It's fun to learn, but the creative process is definitely different! I have to be so much quicker on my feet and entertaining with Youtube, arghh! Haha.

You are seriously the Twitter queen, I have to ask! Do you plan your twitter posts or are they spontaneous? 
My promotional posts are nearly always scheduled for every hour or two throughout the day. It's SUCH a help because I lead too busy a lifestyle to promote myself otherwise. But all those tweets in-between? The chatting? The randomness? - That's all me, obsessed with Twitter, haha!

What is the best way to promote blog posts/content on Twitter?
ALWAYS use images! The best/most attractive ones you can. Posting a link without an image is a sin in my book. People are SO much more likely to follow you/click a link if there's an appealing image. I also recommend trying to make your promotional tweets fun, add personality in there. Simply saying 'Follow me here ___' isn't always effective.

I LOVE theGirlGang!! I always look forward to the Monday chats - How do you come up with the chat topic/questions?
I brainstorm them all the time! I have a spreadsheet of ideas I refer to and a lot of the time I'll mention a few I fancy doing and put it to a Twitter vote! That way the gang decides and that's always nice.

I have to ask! How do you get people to participate in a Twitter chat? 
Oh man, Ive no idea! I'm very lucky people participate in mine. I think it's because I'm SO active on Twitter anyway, so that helps.

From what I read on Twitter, everyone is LOVING theGirlGang newsletter, what makes a great newsletter?
Make it personal! Mentioning people from the gang, and great features I've seen around the Blogging community always goes down well! And I think people like it because I ALWAYS try to add in little extras; like a giveaway, top tips for the month, favourite blog posts or just something funny!

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