Koffee with Karina & Emily Lynn: How to take professional pictures!

Getting work experience in college just became a little bit easier. Emily Caufield is a Sophomore in College majoring in Graphic Design. She has launched her blog this summer and writes photography tips & tricks that will make all of your pictures look professional.

Your pictures are GORGEOUS! How did you discover this passion?
It all started when I was a three-years-old and Christmas time came around. That year I received my very first Barbie Polaroid Instant Film Camera. Yes, exactly that. Ever since then I was fascinated on capturing moments and memories. Honestly, I don’t give the camera all that much credit when it comes to photographers and their photography. It’s all in the person who sees the world that way and wants to show other people their certain way of viewing things. I love photography for allowing us to do that for each other.

Do you share your blog with your friends, family & facebook friends or do you keep it a secret? Why?
I actually do share my blog with my friends and family. Honestly, Facebook is an amazing part of sharing your blog and I believe any blogger should connect their blog to their Facebook. You can make your personal posts private, to share with your friends and family, and all of your other posts, such as blog posts or fun things to share, public for all your followers to see! I share with everyone because I love what I do and letting everyone know it! PLUS friends and family are a great support system to have.

You are a proud virtual communications nerd, like me (YAY!). What are the three social media platforms that all bloggers should be on?
Yup! I love being connected. Picking three is a tough one as I do love all of my social medias but I would have to say Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are my favorites. Facebook because you can really connect with friends and family but also your followers based on what share settings you have set up. It’s a no brainer! Instagram because it’s an AMAZING way to start growing your following and find many other bloggers with similar interests as well as showing off your own posts! (Hashtags here, are a beautiful thing!) And last but not least, Pinterest because it’s a great way for a blogger to learn FAST. Sure, you can grow a following here too (I’m currently only working on my Instagram) but the content and share ability on Pinterest is a fast and easy way to learn everything you need or want to learn. I love them!

This has been a hot debate on social media lately… best posting times! Do you actually believe in this and schedule posts or do you post whenever you feel like it?
I believe it depends on the circumstances. Being that we’re bloggers, and that our community can include ANYONE anywhere around the world, I don’t think there will ever be a “best” time to post. Someone is always falling asleep while others are just waking up to start their day. As long as you use your social medias to share your posts, I don’t doubt you’ll get your message across!

Was there a specific resource, like an article, podcast, etc. that either inspired you or changed the way you blogged? Which?
Oh my. I have so many, haha. Probably anything found on my Pinterest board “How to: Blog” has influenced me one way or another. Whether the way I post or when I post. There’s one blog I love that has really kept me in line and inspired by Rose at shesaysshedoes.com Between her helpful posts and inspiring and knowledgable e­mails (printables too!), she really has helped me a lot this time around with blogging and I’m so thankful. Also Facebook groups, they’re a great way to make blogging friends and to stay in the loop with other bloggers. That’s where I met you (Karina)!

Blogging Facebook Groups that are awesome:
Creative Superheroes (with Allison from http://www.wonderlass.com/)
Being Boss (with Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson from the Being Boss Podcast)

I LOVE how you say that blogging is an experience for improvement! What have you learned from blogging so far?
I think, personally, that everyday you learn something new about blogging and the “blogging world.” It’s always fun to see other blogger’s way of doing things and reading all about it in one of their posts. Though, I’ve learned that consistency is key. Blogging every set amount of days and being active on your social medias ALWAYS is a MUST when it comes to blogging (for me, anyway). You want to keep your followers active, and aware that you’re still alive!

What are three apps that every content creator needs in their life? 
To be honest, since I love my Adobe Photoshop, I never really use apps on my phone towards what I blog about. BUT I do love SquareReady for its cropping tool to make a full image fit in an Instagram post. Comes in handy when you have an outfit you want to fit into a post. :) Also Google Calendar for scheduling or event organizing. I can share certain calendars with friends to make sure I’m not missing anything or double scheduling. Love that app.

my Nikon D3000
Arizona Green Tea
my Spotify playlists (named after the outfits i'm wearing that day)
Gel pens (specifically the purple one)
Any Bookstore
Gilmore Girls

Email: mynameis@emilynncaulfield.com
Site: http://emilynncaulfield.com
Blog: http://emilynncaulfield.com/blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009709484935
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emilynncaulfield/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/emilyncaulfield/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emilyncaulfied

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